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Thyroid, 4 natural remedies for it to work properly.
To operate correctly the thyroid we can also help with some natural remedy.

Vitamin D Essential for children and adults.
The deficiency of this substance is no longer associated exclusively in bone diseases.

Vitamin D deficient in 80% of the Italians: sun, fish and egg yolk to reintegrate.


Vitamin D enhances musculoskeletal pain
Sanihelp.it - A study published in the journal International Journal of Rheumatic Diseases and conducted at the Yoncali Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation Hospital of Kutahya in Turkey has shown the efficacy of vitamin D supplementation, if wanted, in patients with musculoskeletal pain chronic, widespread, but not to clear nature.

Multivitamins in pregnancy, are not always necessary! ... Fundamental vitamin D
Address book by dr. Alberto Di Muria

Vitamin D also reduces the risk of respiratory infections


Probiotics for a flat tummy
Swollen belly, in fact, with that characteristic and unsightly appearance balloon, is a nuisance suffered by many women, capable of limiting long variants of their outfits and embarrassment or very unpleasant pain.

supplementation of vitamin D in the treatment of atopic dermatitis: a clinical study.
Amestejani M, Salehi BS, Vasigh M, Sobhkhiz A, Karami M, H Alinia, Kamrava SK, Shamspour N, Ghalehbaghi B, Behzadi AH. Vitamin d supplementation in the treatment of atopic dermatitis: a clinical trial study Journal of drugs in dermatology, 2012 SKIN DISEASES Supplementation with 1600 IU per day of vitamin D significantly improves the symptoms of atopic dermatitis.

beta glucan and beta glucans
The structure of the beta-glucans affect the metabolic functions in particular cholesterol lowering activity, hypoglycemic agents and immunomodulatory.

Probiotics against alzheimer, improve cognitive performance
Probiotics against Alzheimer's. They are effective according to a study published in the journal 'Frontiers in Aging Neuroscience' ...

Chitosan: great for cholesterol and triglycerides.


"High cholesterol, foods rich in probiotics reduce it", true or false?
When it comes to high cholesterol many believe that foods rich in probiotics which diminishes the levels. True or false? We asked Dr. Maddalena cot, head of operations of Cardiology of the failure of Humanitas.

PROBIOTICS in Psicobiotica, the plot bacteria-gut-brain
The science of Psicobiotica is the title of the review just appeared on Trends in Neurosciences (magazine linked to cell) that has as ...

MAGNESIUM for menopausal disorders
The end of the fertile age may result in hot flashes, depression, anxiety, insomnia, osteoporosis. Magnesium relieves menopausal disorders and supports the woman in this delicate phase.

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