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GLUCOSAMINE protects the cartilage, reduces pain and improves joint flexibility
Glucosamine and 'the best known dietary supplement for the treatment of osteoarthritis. Is used by millions of people worldwide to stop or slow down the deterioration of cartilage in the joints, it is used as a painkiller and increases joint flexibility.

Deficiency of VITAMIN D, natural remedies
A deficiency of vitamin D resulting in the malfunctioning of the bones, causing diseases such as rickets and osteoporosis. We find out the causes, consequences and food to complement it.

The PROBIOTICS help in case of spinal injuries
The strange relationship illustrated by an American survey

Analgesic effects of MELATONIN
Interestingly, some experimental studies on animals demonstrate significant analgesic effects of employing melatonin. Moreover, clinical trials of experimental character on humans confirm the presence of significant analgesic effects also for humans.

Sore throat: heal quickly with PROPOLI


The CHROMIUM helps you lose weight


GUARANA ': excellent remedy to use in the fall!
What are the effects and properties of Guarana? The Guarana plant is a tropical plant with many useful properties for our body.

COENZYME Q10 to combat skin aging


Some "beneficial" bacteria can protect the breast cancer?


The activated ZEOLITE: an excellent supplement
Discover the 10 properties of the zeolite and its uses in the field of sport, work and medicine

ARNICA VS DEVIL'S CLAW: the differences, what to know


Importance of VITAMIN D for the quality of sleep


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