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ALOE VERA: benefits and contraindications
It has become a very common commodity Aloe Vera. Its beneficial properties are numerous and well known since antiquity ...

DEVIL'S CLAW to fight osteoarthritis
Devil's claw is recognized worldwide as an excellent natural remedy against pain of rheumatoid nature.

The RHODIOLA fights stress, fatigue and overweight
Rhodiola fights stress, fatigue and overweight, strengthening the capacity of course ...

CHAMOMILE relaxing
Chamomile is one of the oldest medicinal plants. Matricaria chamomile: the first term comes from ...

GUARANA ', a blessing from the Amazon rainforest.
Hypertension? Obesity? Metabolic syndrome? One way to prevent them could be regular consumption of guarana. To say this is ...

ALGAE eat, lose weight
Their fibers increase the feeling of satiety, making you eat less. Research at the University of Copenhagen, direct ...

Low battery power? Try GINKGO BILOBA
Its free extract blood from the dross, it thins, improves the supply of oxygen; in addition, it revitalizes muscles and nerves, for a surplus of vitality.

OMEGA-3: for optimal health!
For optimal health we all need Omega-3 EPA and DHA daily. Numerous studies suggest that omega-3 may be useful in the treatment of various pathological disorders, let's see them together. - See more at: http://www.omegor.com/benefici-omega-3#sthash.us9qCLoc.dpuf

ESSENTIAL OILS: Jojoba oil properties and benefits
Jojoba oil is a natural remedy that comes from pressing the seeds ...

Depression and anxiety treated with BACH FLOWERS
Depression is a disease that manifests itself in different ways. There is major depression, severe stage, in which the affected person as well as having ...

Discovering the MAGNESIUM, a miracle of nature
Magnesium is the difference of salt, but is essential for the activity of over 300 enzymes and plays a vital role on almost all systems of the human body. Not surprisingly, from those who know the potential, it is considered the panacea for many ills. And 'easily assimilated and economically.

The MELATONIN, a natural remedy against migraine
Migraine is a very common disease in the adult population, often related to sleep disorders, especially types ...

Welfare, PAPAYA against wrinkles and cellulite
The papaya (papaya) is an exotic fruit from the family of Caricacee known because it is rich in vitamins, calcium, potassium, folic acid, amino acids, fatty acids, minerals, trace elements, fiber and water.

PROPOLIS: natural remedy for the throat and not only!
Propolis is a natural remedy increasingly used for the treatment of illnesses. This is also due to their increasing diffusion ...

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