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 Can you ship this to the United States?

User: Angela ( 18/04/2019)
Category/Topic ZANTOGIN Cream

 Can you ship this to the United States?

User: Angela ( 18/04/2019)
Category/Topic ZANTOGIN Cream

I have made the order on the site parafarmacia.fr on 22.02.
According to the notification from UPS number 1ZE904846851042469 the parcel had to be delievered only on 11.03. The delivery adress was but already invalid on this date. On your site was indicated, that the delievery term for the products i have ordered is 3-4 days!!!!!!! but not two weeks- on 11/03 I have already left the hotel, where I planned to recieve the parcel, thats why the reception refused the delievery. I ask you kindly to check the opportunity to send/redirect this parcel to the Russia/ 107113 Moscow, Sokolnitcheskaya ploschad', 4-1-138 for Sorokina Ekaterina tel +79104513141 - or make the retour of the money to my card for the whole order. Please reply soon!

User: n. 605 del 22/02/2019 ( 14/03/2019)
Category/Topic General topic

 Order# 562
I have ordered this item on 15/Jul/2018 and it still hasn't arrived to me yet. Could you kindly follow up? Many thanks.

User: Eric Sze ( 02/09/2018)

 My cystitis has come back after ten days of being free of symptoms. I took the full fives days of the pack. Is it safe to take them again and do I need to take the full five days dosage?

User: Suzy castleman ( 31/07/2018)

 do you have this in tablet form

User: thomas b veitch ( 08/03/2018)

 How much of good bacterias are in one capsule, and what kind od probiotic culture consists this product? Thank you.

User: kids ( 25/02/2018)
Category/Topic AFLUGENEX

 Hello! Is your product contain any added sugar? Unfortunatelly i have allergy for sugar ..thank you

User: Sebestyen Mercedesz ( 30/01/2018)
Category/Topic PAPAYA FERMENTED Juice

 Could you tell me why this product is better than any other probiotics? Any specialty is strains? fermented maybe? I was adviced this product but i already use a probiotics. Thanks in advance.

User: ( 10/01/2018)
Category/Topic ACRONELLE

 Hi, can you please tell me how many tablets and how often I should be taking Enterelle ?, thank you

User: Warren ( 28/10/2017)
Category/Topic ENTERELLE

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