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Sheep peluche thermal
29.90 €
23.92 €

Plush pleasant feel.

The padding of these thermal products is made from natural products 100%. After just 90 seconds heating in the microwave to a power of 800 Watt products release heat that gives welfare and relief for 1 hour more. The heat is preserved for a long and gradually released. Ideal also to be used as a cold compress to relieve swellings and distortions, by wrapping the product in a plastic bag and leaving it in the freezer compartment for one night.

Beans to retain heat.

After harvesting the beans, pure mile English, are dusted, cleaned and filtered. On the natural grain runs a specific treatment to heat, to reduce the moisture to a level optimal minimum. Afterwards the beans are frozen several times, and then processed until reaching a resistance to the microwave proven by tests. The beans are then microwave-safe and fire-resistant.

A relaxing lavender scent

L 'internal of all the products is made from a mixture of grains of millet and lavender. The pure French lavender is calming and relaxing, enjoying breathtaking experience heat.

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