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BATH FOAM Sweet Almond Oil And Honey

Shower Gel With Sweet Almond Oil And Honey for sensitive skin Package 250 ml
8.80 €

The body wash Dolcemiele Specchiasol in reference with Sweet Almond Oil and Honey, is especially suitable for sensitive skin, on which has an emollient and protective.

Its formula certified organic, free from SLS and SLES * with mild surfactants derived from sweet almond and high skin compatibility, contains precious ingredients such as: Organic honey - sweet almond oil Organic - Mallow Extract - Extract of Apricot.

* According to ICEA

Instructions for Use:

Bath: Pour a moderate amount of product in the tub full of water brought to the preferred temperature and dive, relaxing the body.

Shower: Pour a moderate amount of product on the palm of the hand or on the sponge, massage the face and body then rinse thoroughly.

Active ingredients:

Organic honey, sweet almond oil Organic Extract, Mallow Extract, Apricot.

250 ml bottle

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