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Agisko Drink energy supplement Package 37 ml
2.15 €

Agisko Drink is a CONCENTRATED LIQUID be diluted in water to get a drink clear, refreshing formulated to be fast
consumption, improve performance and contribute to the recovery with the right balance of electrolytes and carbohydrates.

Its innovative formulation, aimed at providing ideal conditions for the best performance, includes among the ingredients a mixture of various carbohydrates and electrolytes. There are ingredients that go to interfere with

It CONTAINS NO SUCROSE OR DEXTROSE: Agisko Sports Drink contains neither nor Sucrose Dextrose added. Already this feature makes it different from most sports drinks on the market.

It CONTAINS JUICE AGAVE. An important ingredient of Agisko Sports Drink is the juice of agave, a natural sweetener plant that naturally an optimal sugar profile. No other sports drink contains this precious ingredient.

IDEAL CARBOHYDRATE CONCENTRATION. Agisko Sports Drink contains a concentration of carbohydrates ideal, designed to allow the drink to be absorbed from the stomach so ideal.

COLOURING: Agisko Sports Drink is a beverage pure, crystal clear as water. We wanted this because we believe the dyes not only useless but also harmful. That's why you can consider Agisko Sports Drink water "enhanced"

PRESERVATIVE: In line with our philosophy of nature we were able to make an extremely stable but without any preservatives. This too is an added value to position the product in a
market where consumer demands are more and more oriented to clean products.

Palatability 'AND POWER refreshing the palate: The right mix of ingredients makes instead Agisko Hydratation Drink light, pleasant, refreshing and thirst-quenching.

REDUCED ACID: Agisko Sports Drink has reduced acidity levels to allow better absorption of fluids and electrolytes

MAXIMUM FUNCTIONALITY ': Agisko Sports Drink contains ONLY AND ONLY ingredients that are essential for hydration.

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