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CALENDULA is taking care of our skin!
06/03/2016 - The most important properties of calendula are the anti-inflammatory and antiseptic ...

Calendula (Calendula officinalis), of the Asteraceae family it is an annual or biennial herbaceous plant, 50-70 cm high. native to North Africa; in Italy it grows wild in the Mediterranean area in the meadows, in fields and grassy places. The leaves are alternate, very elongated, in full or slightly toothed margin, the flowers are yellow-orange flower heads. It looks like a bully plan and if you plant in your garden will kill slowly, with its roots, daisies, tulips, gerberas, etc. subtracting the nourishment to nearby unfortunate. Calendula does not own many properties in herbal medicine and is mainly used in cosmetics. The used parts of the plant are especially fiori.Per the content in flavonoids, triterpenoids, mucilage and resin are attributed soothing activity, soothing, refreshing and very useful for the epithelium, thanks to the action on the microcirculation of the skin tissues. The most significant medicinal properties of this plant are the anti-inflammatory and as an astringent antiseptic, especially on the digestive system such as gastritis, peptic ulcers and colitis.
A cosmetic and dermatological level, is highly used in the form of powder inserted in creams, to solve many problems. It is especially good for the skin because it reduces inflammation and treats irritated or damaged tissue, such as herpes, sunburn and acne. It also has an excellent action in case of frostbite, both hands and feet, often the ointment Calendula resolved in a short time. Council to use it continuously at the beginning of the cold season and all winter to prevent chilblains themselves. External use of the cream Calendula is therefore recommended for dry and delicate skin, cracked skin, which tends to redden, since its mucilage perform a specific protective and emollient action, isolating the irritated skin and modulating the moisture. It is also used for diaper dermatitis, as a protective treatment for tanning, and after-sun soothing. The hydroalcoholic solution diluted in water is used to rinse and gargle, against the affections of the mucous membranes of the mouth and throat, in case of stomatitis, gingivitis and canker sores. Also used in gynecological levels as an ingredient for cleansers and body wraps to disinfect and soothe inflammation. Against excessive sweating you can gargle in the affected parts with a warm decoction of Calendula. The plant is not toxic, but it is good to use it with caution in early pregnancy. Contraindicated in case of specific allergy to the plant or to the Asteraceae, it has frequent allergic reactions.


Cuticle Softener Pen to remove the cuticles Package 3 ml
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BODY MILK Mauve/Marigold

Body Milk Mauve/Marigold moisturizing and refreshing Bottle 200 ml
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Marigold Fluid Cream nourishing and moisturizing treatment for children Bottle 200 ml
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Body Oil Marigold for dry skin and brittle hair Bottle 250 ml
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ECOBIOCREAM Calendula 10%

Ecobiopomata Marigold 10% soothing and moisturizing cream Packeage 50 ml
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BODY CREAM Mauve/Marigold

Body Cream Mauve/Marigold soothing and refreshing Bottle 200 ml
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