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CALENDULA: health and beauty in a flower
19/12/2015 - Calendula is a flower with a thousand virtues that can not miss in creams ...

Calendula: health and beauty in a flower

Also known as the "Marigold", calendula is a herbaceous plant flowers yellow-orange color, that grows almost anywhere in temperate climates: in the gardens, along the roads, in fallow fields, vineyards.

The most important active ingredient content in the flowers of calendula is a saponin, responsible for their anti-inflammatory and healing. Among other active ingredients contained in the flowers, remember also carotenoids, polysaccharides, volatile oils and essential fatty acids, which make this plant one of the herbal medicines with the largest range of therapeutic and cosmetic applications.

Used as a tea or herbal tea, dried calendula petals are useful in combating and preventing atherosclerosis, problems of circulation and varicose veins, as well as regulate the menstrual flow.

In the form of ointment, marigold promotes wound healing and is useful in the treatment of insect bites, mycosis (especially nails), and any other condition to irritation or inflammation of the skin.

But perhaps the most famous preparations made from calendula are creams, activities nourishing, moisturizing, soothing and restorative. Its effectiveness, combined with its sweetness, make it ideal for sensitive skin of infants and children, so that the creams made from calendula are often used for the treatment and prevention of sunburn, even diaper.

A flower, then, a thousand virtues, which should never miss armory health and beauty of each of us.

Chiara De Carli


Marigold Body Hair for children Bottle 200 ml
10.20 €


Marigold Protective Cream for diaper changes Tube 75 ml
10.10 €


Marigold Oil Weleda for the daily care of the child Bottle 200 ml
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Fluid Cream Enfant moisturizing and protective for children Bottle 200 ml
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Defence Tolerance 2 soothing drops Bottle 150 ml
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BODY MILK Mauve/Marigold

Body Milk Mauve/Marigold moisturizing and refreshing Bottle 200 ml
13.00 €

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