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Vitamin D and male fertility. An interesting clinical study
05/10/2019 - Vitamin D deficiency is a common health problem worldwide

Vitamin D deficiency is a common health problem worldwide. The associations of semen quality with vitamin D levels in seminal serum and plasma were then evaluated and the mechanisms underlying these were studied by incubating spermatozoa with 1,25 (OH) 2D in vitro.
222 men were included in the study.
Vitamin D was detected using an electrochemiluminescent method. The spermatozoa used for in vitro experiments were isolated by density gradient centrifugation.
The positive ratios of serum 25 (OH) D with sperm volume and seminal plasma fructose were identified. The level of the seminal plasma 25 (OH) D showed no relationship with the serum 25 (OH) D level, while it was inversely associated with sperm concentration and positively correlated with sperm volume and kinetic sperm values.
In vitro, the kinetic parameters of the sperm are increased after incubation with 1,25 (OH) 2D, especially after incubation for 30 minutes with a concentration of 0.1 nmol l-1.
In these incubation conditions, migration towards the top of the spermatozoa increased considerably with the increase in the concentration of adenosine triphosphate (ATP). The concentration of cyclic adenosine monophosphate (cAMP) and the activity of protein kinase A (PKA) were both elevated and the inhibitor PKA, N- [2- (p-Bromocinnamylamino) ethyl] -5-isoquinolinsulfonamide of hydrochloride (H89) reversed the increase in ATP production.
The concentrations of cytoplasmic calcium ions and nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide (NADH) were both improved, while the mitochondrial unipolar calcium inhibitor (MCU), Ruthenium 360 (Ru360) did not reverse the increase in ATP production. Therefore, seminal plasma vitamin D may be involved in the regulation of sperm motility and 1,25 (OH) 2D may improve sperm motility by promoting ATP synthesis both via the cAMP / PKA pathway and the increase in intracellular calcium ions .


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