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The PROBIOTICS help in case of spinal injuries
19/10/2016 - The strange relationship illustrated by an American survey

The probiotics exert a positive influence on spinal cord injury. The original intuition of some researchers at Ohio State University led by Kristina Kigerl, who signed the study appeared in the Journal of Experimental Medicine.
Researchers have started from the assumption that the spinal cord injury alter the type of bacteria residing in the gut, which in turn aggravates the extent of neurological damage, compromising thus the functional recovery. According to US scientists, the use of probiotics would help patients recover better after an injury.
"The thousands of billions of bacteria that live in the gastrointestinal tract are known as gut microbiota, and dysbiosis, ie a pathological change of this microbial community, occurs when the non-pathogenic bacteria are replaced by pathogenic organisms," the researchers explain.
In the past, certain autoimmune diseases such as multiple sclerosis or type 1 diabetes have been linked to alterations of the intestinal microbiota.
"Even the traumatic spinal cord injuries have side effects, including loss of bowel control, that can cause dysbiosis," the authors write.
The study revealed that spinal injuries significantly alter the intestinal microbiota, leading to the migration of bacteria in other tissues and activation of pro-inflammatory immune cells within the gut.
"Probiotics, containing a large number of bacteria which produce lactic acid, a type of bowel activate immune cells, regulatory T-lymphocytes, able to suppress inflammation, avoiding excessive damage to the spinal cord after acute traumatic event "adds Kigerl.
Moreover, the probiotic bacteria can increase the recovery of the spinal cord by secreting molecules that enhance the growth and neuronal function. "One or both of these mechanisms could explain how the intestinal dysbiosis that occurs after injury may contribute to the evolution of the pathology of spinal cord injury and how probiotics can stop or even reverse these effects," the authors conclude.

Source: Journal of Experimental Medicine


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