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Q10 Gold 100mg energy supplement Package 30 capsules
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Q10 Ubiquinolo 100mg energetic supplement Package 30 capsules
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Protect eyesight with coenzyme q10, omega-3, chocolate catechins.
Nutraceuticals and eye health: coenzyme q10, omega-3 fatty acids, chocolate catechins can play a primary role in eye protection. Protection also for neurodegenerative diseases such as glaucoma and senile macular degeneration. It is discussed in the 5th congress on Nutraceuticals and in Rome.

Glaucoma: a new path opens up
The efficacy of coenzyme Q10 in the treatment of glaucoma is at the center of a study by the Mario Negri Institute in Milan. It will last three years, involving 17 centers in Italy.

Dry eye syndrome, 90% of over 50 suffer from it
Sensation of a foreign body, itching and visual fading among the symptoms of this disorder that gets worse after the summer and with the return to the office because of the air conditioners that make the air dry and long hours at the computer. Even those at the pool are more at risk: a study on AS water polo players has been announced.

Face cream: how to choose the one that best suits your skin
The beauty and health of your face also pass through the choice of the most suitable cream for your skin: the advice to avoid mistakes and to hit the target.

Stems from star? Only a few things are enough
Who does not want legs that are as slender and slender as the stars? To counteract the loss of tonicity, some exercises and a firming cream with Q10 are enough.

Tiredness and stress. The most effective food supplements for our body
Summer is coming. And with it's costume tests, unmanaged nutrition, tiny hours, stress ... and fatigue! The drop in energy and concentration may increase in the summer. Let's see what are the most effective dietary supplements to fatigue.

The ASAcampus researchers in CORM experiment team, selected by the Italian Space Agency (ASI)
Studies the effect of coenzyme Q10 as a countermeasure for retinal damage induced by the spatial one of the research projects that will be carried out under the LIFE mission, which kicks off in May 2017 with the participation of ESA astronaut Paolo Italian nationality Nespoli.

Coenzyme q10 and energy.
The body consists of billions of cells, and each of them is a "central" independent producing the energy needed to power the various functions of the body itself, such as muscle contraction, breathing, reproduction and immune function .

Coenzyme q10 and bioavailability.
A better absorption for the maximum possible effect. HOW TO FIND A GOOD FOOD SUPPLEMENT?

The coenzyme Q10 is a powerful antioxidant.
In addition to its key role in cellular energy metabolism, coenzyme Q10 (CoQ10) plays an important role as a powerful antioxidant that can offer excellent protection against the resulting free radicals, for example, by radiation or by chemical pollution .

Coenzyme q10 and statins
The medicines that cause the reduction of the rate of cholesterol blocking the synthesis of coenzyme Q10

COENZYME Q10 to combat skin aging


Wrinkles: COENZYME Q10 for wellness.
Coenzyme Q10 also called ubiquinone, it is an element of great importance for our body. In the first place it promotes the smooth functioning ...

COENZYME Q10, the antioxidant for the heart
Essential for heart function, coenzyme Q10 (CoQ10) has antioxidant properties that help to prevent and control many diseases of the heart.

COENZYME Q10 How to understand what are the most quality on the market?


COENZYME Q10 appears to slow Parkinson
Coenzyme Q10, one of the basic substance for the production of energy in the cell, was administered at high doses in patients suffering from Parkinson's disease in the initial form.

COENZYME Q10: absolutely necessary for those who take the pills for high colestorolo (statins)


COENZYME Q10 - Your winning weapon against free radicals
Over the years the Coenzyme Q10 levels decrease ...

COENZYME Q10: energy and oxidative stress
Coenzyme Q10 is a key element for the functioning of mitochondria ...

COENZYME Q10 for the protection of muscles
Coenzyme Q10 counteracts muscle damage caused by intense physical activity ...

COENZYME Q10: absolutely necessary for those who take the pills for high colestorolo (statins)
Remember the case of Lipobay, the drug peak in 2001 of Bayer for cholesterol, which was withdrawn from the market with fanfare after having caused the death ...

COENZYME Q10: elixir of life!
Coenzyme Q10 is essential for energy production ...

COENZYME Q10 can improve antioxidant defenses in patients with atherosclerosis
Coenzyme Q10 has properties similar to vitamins, but since it is naturally synthesized ...

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