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Vitamin D and male fertility. An interesting clinical study
Vitamin D deficiency is a common health problem worldwide

Vitamin D blocks the growth of cancer cells, here's where to find it
The good functioning of the organism passes mainly from the food and the consumption of nutrients useful to the latter, such as vitamins. Find out what vitamin D is and how it can counteract cancer!

Vitamin D helps keep diabetes at bay
Brazilian researchers have shown that taking more vitamin D through the use of dietary supplements could lower blood glucose levels and the risk of developing type 2 diabetes.

Magnesium and vitamin D: why we should take them together
Vitamin D is also called the vitamin of the sun, because it can be obtained by exposing ourselves to solar rays - yes, even in winter. Very often, however, to be really assimilated vitamins need other substances. Not just D: Vitamin E, K and A, for example, need fat to be bio available - and therefore act on our body.

Fitness: the advantages of training when it's cold
Let's chew it: winter does not entice you to play sports. Exceptions, of course, are mountain sports enthusiasts, such as skiing and mountaineering, who can not wait to go for snowy slopes or climb ice falls: for all of them, frost is not a deterrent, on the contrary It's part of the fun. For all the others, however, the low temperatures and the few hours of light of the short winter days are an additional obstacle that adds to the natural inertia we suffer at the time of starting the workout. To reinvigorate our goodwill, here are a series of good reasons why it is good to train even when it is cold.

Irritable bowel, the effects of vitamin D on colitis
According to some recent studies the cause of colitis could be a deficiency of vitamin D. Here's how to take it.

Do high vitamin D levels protect against breast cancer?
Women with high levels of vitamin D in the blood would be less at risk of developing breast cancer. Here because

Vitamin D: Osteoporosis is at risk if you do not get enough
Vitamin D is essential for the healthy maintenance of bones, because it acts on the balance of calcium and phosphate. The active metabolic form promotes the absorption of calcium in the intestine, its reabsorption at the level of the kidneys and the deposition of the same in the bone tissue. There are two forms of vitamin D, D3 (called calciferol, present in mammals) and D2 which is less active. Both D2 and D3 are inactive forms that are activated when they pass through the kidneys.

Vitamin D: favors pregnancies after a spontaneous abortion
The University of Maryland shows that women with good levels of vitamin D have 15% more chance of being mothers after an abortion. Find out the details.

Autoimmune diseases and vitamin D, the latest news in the meeting at the headquarters of the Order of Physicians
Interesting scientific medical event, organized by the Italian Medical Mogli Association, the Women Medical Association and the Soroptmist of Ragusa, on vitamin D and on autoimmune diseases, which has enjoyed the contribution of distinguished speakers.

Vitamin D: how much should we take?
We know that vitamin D is a particularly important substance for the functions of our body that we can synthesize through sun exposure, we take with some foods or we integrate in capsules. But what is the daily requirement for staying healthy?

Hormones: that strong link between vitamin D and sex
A lack of this involves a series of repercussions on our health. And also on private life ...

Vitamin D supplements to prevent flu and cold?
According to an English study, Vitamin D, in addition to being a bark and muscle cache, would be a great ally of our body against respiratory tract infection

Vitamin D helps hepatitis C treatment
Vitamin D helps hepatitis C treatment. Hepatitis C virus is considered the main cause of chronic liver disease which in turn can cause cirrhosis and liver failure, the primary cause in the Western world and in Israel, which leads to the need for a liver transplant.

Asthma. Vitamin D effective in preventing exacerbations
A review of the stud reveals that vitamin D is able to reduce the exacerbation of asthma episodes. An assumed hypothesis is that vitamin D produces this effect by increasing immunity against respiratory viruses

Low levels of vitamin D and little sun? The muscles become flaccid
Men with low levels of vitamin D may have less muscle mass and strength. That's why it's good to be in the open air and in the sunlight. I study

Vitamin D: High doses helps to heal sunburn and burns.


Vitamin D is not the same: D3 is more effective than D2
Not all vitamin D is the same. To say it is a study that analyzed the different types of this substance by noting that some are more effective than others to increase levels in vitamin sanguady and to ensure good health.

Vitamin D, kids are at risk of fragile bones: little open air and hyper connection.
No outdoor games, too much technology and a diet often lacking in calcium and vitamin D. Newer generations are at risk of fragile bones.

Vitamin D helps to manage chronic pain
Vitamin D supplements, combined with good sleep habits, could help manage pain-related conditions including fibromyalgia, arthritis, menstrual cramps and chronic back pain, says a new study, the results of which were Published on the Journal of Endocrinology.

Vitamin D, how to suppress the deficiency
So much sun and less cement, but also proper nutrition can provide the right amount of vitamin D

Vitamin D reduces early menopause risk


Autism: favored by a lack of vitamin D during pregnancy?
If the expectant mother during pregnancy has a vitamin D deficiency, the child may be at increased risk of developing autism. Here because

Vitamin D, insufficient in obese and bariatric surgery.
Research has shown that in obese there is a deficiency of vitamin D that is filled with integration.

Vitamin D improves the metabolic syndrome and intestinal flora


Half of breastfed children do not receive the right dose vitamin D
Needed to form bones, but breast milk is not very rich

headache, increased risk with low levels of vitamin D.
Men who have low levels of vitamin D may have a greater risk of having frequent headaches, according to a new study from Finland.

Lesion de la moelle épinière, the D vitamins useful contre la dépression et l'asthénie
In patients with spinal cord injury and insufficient levels of vitamin D, the vitamin supplementation is able to improve depressive symptoms and asthenia (but not muscle strength)

Low levels of vitamin D at birth may increase the risk of multiple sclerosis?
Infants with low levels of vitamin D may have more chances to meet later in the development of multiple sclerosis (MS).

Nutrition in pregnancy: what vitamins to take
During pregnancy, the correct intake of vitamins ensures the smooth development of the fetus and the mother's well-being

The 80% of Italians do not take Vitamin D, osteoporosis risk, diabetes and cancer
World map of nutritional vitamin D were prepared by the IOF (International Osteoporosis Foundation) and SIOMMS data (Italian Society of Osteoporosis and Mineral Metabolism Diseases of the Skeleton) are clear: the lack of vitamin D is a pandemic, 88% of the world's population and 80% of the Italian population has low levels of vitamin D.

Vitamin D is a must in winter.
indoors and unbalanced diet. These are the reasons that lead to a deficiency of essential vitamin for the prevention of cardiac disease, respiratory and immune. Here's how to run for cover.

Vitamin D prevents vertebral fractures.
Saturday, December 4 to 20 meeting in Rome with the fifteenth edition of "Premio Aila Women's Project." The awareness event will be held in the Sala Sinopoli of the Auditorium Parco della Musica.

Thyroid, 4 natural remedies for it to work properly.
To operate correctly the thyroid we can also help with some natural remedy.

Vitamin D Essential for children and adults.
The deficiency of this substance is no longer associated exclusively in bone diseases.

Vitamin D deficient in 80% of the Italians: sun, fish and egg yolk to reintegrate.


Vitamin D enhances musculoskeletal pain
Sanihelp.it - A study published in the journal International Journal of Rheumatic Diseases and conducted at the Yoncali Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation Hospital of Kutahya in Turkey has shown the efficacy of vitamin D supplementation, if wanted, in patients with musculoskeletal pain chronic, widespread, but not to clear nature.

Multivitamins in pregnancy, are not always necessary! ... Fundamental vitamin D
Address book by dr. Alberto Di Muria

Vitamin D also reduces the risk of respiratory infections


supplementation of vitamin D in the treatment of atopic dermatitis: a clinical study.
Amestejani M, Salehi BS, Vasigh M, Sobhkhiz A, Karami M, H Alinia, Kamrava SK, Shamspour N, Ghalehbaghi B, Behzadi AH. Vitamin d supplementation in the treatment of atopic dermatitis: a clinical trial study Journal of drugs in dermatology, 2012 SKIN DISEASES Supplementation with 1600 IU per day of vitamin D significantly improves the symptoms of atopic dermatitis.

Deficiency of VITAMIN D, natural remedies
A deficiency of vitamin D resulting in the malfunctioning of the bones, causing diseases such as rickets and osteoporosis. We find out the causes, consequences and food to complement it.

Importance of VITAMIN D for the quality of sleep


Asthma. VITAMIN D may reduce attacks
The results of a review of international trial has highlighted the effectiveness of vitamin D in reducing asthma attacks. The analysis - which took into consideration trial conducted in the United States, Canada, India, Japan, Poland and the United Kingdom - found that taking vitamin D tablets reduces the risk of severe asthma attacks requiring hospitalization to about 3%, from an initial 6%.

Study on VITAMIN D in cases of cardiovascular disease, cancer, and cardiovascular disease.
In this large cohort study, serum 25 (OH) D concentrations were inversely associated with all-cause and cause-specific mortality. In particular, the lack of vitamin D [25 (OH) D concentration, 30 nmol / L] was strongly associated with mortality from all causes, cardiovascular disease, cancer, and respiratory diseases.

VITAMIN D: symptoms and consequences of a shortage


VITAMIN D deficiency: natural remedies.
Vitamin D is a fat soluble vitamin that can be assimilated both through the foods you with exposure to sunlight.

VITAMINS for the perfect tan!
Supplements containing vitamins help to tan ...

In infants and adolescents twice VITAMIN D.
The largest US association of pediatricians recommended to double the dose of vitamin D, especially in breastfed babies and adolescents who do not drink or drink very little milk. The reason? It protects against diseases such as rickets and diabetes.

VITAMIN D for hair care
Vitamin D3 plays a key role in the growth phase of follicle...

VITAMIN D ensures bone health
Your bone structure is dependent on vitamin D ...

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