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As is well known to science most of the bacteria and microorganisms existing in nature are friends of man, that is not harmful or useful or even indispensable for our health and our well-being. Only a few are enemies of man, that is pathogenic: it is estimated that only one bacterium in thirty thousand is harmful and belongs to one of the 150 pathogenic families against a total of 1,400 identified as friends, but just because the reputation of the bacteria is irreparably compromised and the name itself evokes in the collective imagination fear of terrible scourges, since the day when the French chemist Luigi Pasteur in the mid-1800s pointed out that some bacteria were carriers of serious diseases. Bacteria are the most widespread form of microorganisms, that is the category of microscopic beings that also include microalgae, protozoa, yeasts (microscopic fungi) and molds.

Difference between probiotics and lactic ferments: similar but not identical.
There is still some confusion about probiotics and lactic ferments.

Taking Probiotics before or after meals?
A much debated topic is that of taking Probiotics, if they are to be taken before or after meals. It is commonly thought that they should be fasted or eaten away. This is a topic that is much debated and in fact there is a bit 'of confusion, or rather, the opinions are divided.

Atopic dermatitis. In children and teenagers, probiotics reduce the severity and use of steroids
Probiotics are an important complement to the treatment of atopic dermatitis in pediatric age, as they reduce the severity of the disease and the use of steroid drugs. This is the conclusion reached by a Spanish study, which in 12 weeks observed 50 young people between the ages of 4 and 17.

Intestinal bacteria can affect sports?
Does bacterial flora help sportsmen? A researcher at Harvard Medical School in Boston has identified intestinal tract bacteria that could contribute to successful athletic performance. The research was presented at the American Chemical Society conference. We talk to Dr. Beatrice Salvioli, gastroenterologist of Humanitas.

Ictus, cancer and dementia: they can be caused by intestinal bacteria
Our intestinal flora and the whole organism microbiota appear to be directly related to the onset of various forms of dementia, stroke and cancer

Bacterial vaginosis, help from probiotics?
As we know in our body, millions of bacterial species live. When their balance changes, disorders such as, for example, bacterial vaginosis may arise. As with gastrointestinal disorders, to restore the compromised balance, can you also take probiotics for vaginosis? We asked Dr. Annamaria Baggiani, Head of the Human Infertility Service and Humanitas Fertility Center Medical Assisted Procreatment.

Intestinal dislocation favors autoimmune diseases.
Disturbances of the intestinal microbiosis (dysbiosis) are involved in the onset of autoimmune diseases (type 1 diabetes, multiple sclerosis, rheumatoid arthritis and systemic lupus erimatosis). This was demonstrated by researchers at the School of Health Sciences (Brazil). In physiological conditions, the microbiota (bacterial flora) and the individual are symbiotic: on the one hand, the microbiota helps the host digest carbohydrates, synthesizes vitamins, prevents the colonization of pathogenic bacteria and develops the gastrointestinal lymphoid tissue involved in immune defenses; on the other hand, the individual offers the nutrients necessary for the survival of the microbiota.

Bacteria against multiple sclerosis: the microorganisms in the intestine arrive in our help. Here is the era of pharmacomicrobes.
A type of intestinal flora bacterium could become a super drug against multiple sclerosis. To give this news are the researchers at the University of Iowa and the Mayo Clinic who on Cell Reports have published the study entitled Human Gut-Derived Commensal Bacteria suppression CNS Inflammatory and Demyelinating Disease. But what does it mean? And why could this discovery open the streets to the Pharmacomicrobial Age? Let's make it clear.

Intestinal chronic inflammatory diseases, ulcerative colitis and Crohn's disease, and role of probiotics
Ulcerative colitis and Crohn's disease are recurrent chronic conditions that may occur at any age, but more frequently between 20 and 30 years of life, impacting significantly on the quality of life of affected persons. 20% of these pathologies begin even in pediatric age, with significant repercussions not only on the affected child but also at the family level.

"Belly" athletes: the secret of performance is in the intestine?
In the stools of particular athletes, bacteria help to break down lactic acid and thus fight fatigue.

Bifidobacterium longum, a probiotic associated with Monacolin K in the treatment of hypercholesterolemia
The loss of eubiosis, defined as dysliosis, involves alteration of the microbiota with consequent acute and chronic gastrointestinal diseases. In recent years, several diseases and systemic changes such as hypercholesterolemia, diabetes mellitus, obesity have been associated with alteration of intestinal microbiosis.

Slimming diet does not work? Guilt is intestinal bacteria
If the slimming diet fails to make us lose the pounds too much, it is the fault of the microbial, that is, of all the bacteria living in our intestines. French gastroenterologist Gabriel Perlemuter, a hepatologist at Université Paris, who has also dedicated a book to the microbiot study, has no doubt: intestinal bacteria play a key role in our diet.

Inflammatory intestinal diseases. Mixture of effective probiotics against ulcerative colitis, but not for Crohn
According to the results of a new systematic review with meta-analysis, published by Alimentary Pharmacology & Therapeutics, a probiotic called VSL # 3 can be effective in inducing remission into active ulcerative colitis (UC). However, no benefits have been found for probiotics in the treatment of active Crohn's disease (CD) or in the prevention of relapses after remission

The close bond between bacterial flora and body affects our well-being
The relationship between intestinal bacterial flora and health is a topic that is currently heavily studied and debated, so that any scientific conference on nutrition now devotes more or less scope to this topic.

Allergy to pollen, probiotics to relieve symptoms?
Burning nose and irritated eyes are some of the typical symptoms of pollen seasonal allergy.

Belly swells: this is how to counteract it
Belly swollen and hard? The magazine Al Femminile suggests practical methods to counteract it.

Allergies: Probiotics to relieve symptoms
The season of allergies is now at the door, but it is never too late to "arm" in time. A possible help with red eyes and closed nose could come from probiotics. A group of researchers from the University of Florida has actually conducted a study on the effectiveness of these organisms.

Probiotics: treat helicobacter pylori infection even in children
The analysis of many clinical studies has shown the efficacy of some probiotics in the bacterium eradication.

Probiotics against Alzheimer's, improve cognitive performance
Probiotics against Alzheimer's. They are effective according to a study published in Frontiers in Aging Neuroscience by a team of researchers from Kashan University and Islamic Azad University in Tehran. It appears that yogurt components are able to improve the cognitive performance of people with dementia.

Fortified skin with probiotic creams
Thousands of people swallow them daily to help the intestine work better. We are talking about probiotics, small bacteria that strengthen the immune system and protect the digestive system. Scientific studies have found that they are also very useful to the skin, slow down skin aging, improve acne and irritation.

The righteous probiotics for gut health
We always hear about most often gut as our "second brain" and that the health of the body is only as intestine. But because the digestive health is the key to good health of the entire body? The answer lies in the immune system, and this makes us understand how the different organs and systems work in harmony.

10 tips to strengthen the immune system of children
There are children who are particularly vulnerable, often they fall ill. Here's how to help them cope with the succession of recurrent infections, including information on lifestyle and proposals for immune-stimulating supplements.

Migraine, which probiotics on intestinal microbiota.
Clinical studies have revealed that migraine is dependent on the bacterial flora; probiotics they may counteract the appearance.

The bacterium that prolongs the life of a third.


Probiotics and personalized diet, chronic disease prevention
Science, through the study of the substances produced by the bacteria of the intestinal microbiota, shows us the diet that best suits our needs.

Irritable bowel syndrome, action of diet and probiotics
The clinical trial reveals that irritable bowel syndrome can be managed by modifying the gut microbiota.

The success of a weight loss program may be affected by bacteria in the gut that we house
Eating habits shape the composition of the intestinal microbiota and affect the results of future diets. This was revealed by an American study that could pave the way for a new generation of probiotics 'friends of' diet. According to this study, people accustomed to a diet rich in fat and calories have an intestinal microbiota are able to put a spoke in the wheel to the low-calorie diets, sabotaging the results.

Probiotics: Lactobacillus reuteri is useful adjunct to periodontal therapy


The probiotics improve blood sugar in patients with type 2 diabetes
An extensive evaluation of thirteen clinical trials revealed that the intake of probiotics have an anti-inflammatory and antiglicemica ..

The probiotics help prevent and treat cystitis?
Constipation can trigger bacterial cystitis, therefore intake of live microorganisms can make bowel benefits and off bladder infection

New discovery in Lactobacillus rhamnosus: the lectin-like1 protein inhibits pathogenic urogenital
Lactobacillus rhamnosus probiotic bacterium is the most studied among the lactobacilli, lactic acid producer, it is able to ferment rhamnose and this characteristic is commonly identified. Like all lactobacilli is positive and Gram has a classic shape to stick. Some strains of L. rhamnosus are considered probiotics, because, if present in adequate amounts confer different benefits host organism.

Association between consumption probiotics and chronic kidney disease.
The human gastrointestinal tract is a complex ecosystem made up of more than 10 billion to 100 billion microorganisms that play an important role in biochemical and biological activity of our body. Indeed, alterations in the composition and / or function of intestinal microbiota ...

abdominal obesity: is reduced with probiotics associated with diet.
A clinical study has demonstrated the efficacy of probiotics in reducing inflammation and visceral fat.

Probiotics and health, is not just advertising!
Probiotics are live bacteria that those to benefit human health when consumed in adequate amounts. They are non-pathogenic bacteria and any species (eg. Lactobacillus, Bifidobacterium, Saccharomyces, etc.) Provides different benefits due to different strains. Strain characterization is required to define his exact beneficial properties. Today there is a literature that gives us indications of specific probiotics on the various gastrointestinal disorders. But how do they work?

Probiotics for a flat tummy
Swollen belly, in fact, with that characteristic and unsightly appearance balloon, is a nuisance suffered by many women, capable of limiting long variants of their outfits and embarrassment or very unpleasant pain.

Probiotics against alzheimer, improve cognitive performance
Probiotics against Alzheimer's. They are effective according to a study published in the journal 'Frontiers in Aging Neuroscience' ...

"High cholesterol, foods rich in probiotics reduce it", true or false?
When it comes to high cholesterol many believe that foods rich in probiotics which diminishes the levels. True or false? We asked Dr. Maddalena cot, head of operations of Cardiology of the failure of Humanitas.

PROBIOTICS in Psicobiotica, the plot bacteria-gut-brain
The science of Psicobiotica is the title of the review just appeared on Trends in Neurosciences (magazine linked to cell) that has as ...

The PROBIOTICS help in case of spinal injuries
The strange relationship illustrated by an American survey

Some "beneficial" bacteria can protect the breast cancer?


Combating candida with PROBIOTICS
Lactobacilli restore the proper balance of vaginal microflora and reduce the risk of recurrence.

Discovered a bacterium liver friend: Lactobacillus Fermentum


How to Hire the PROBIOTICS Acidophilus


How to behave in case of diarrhea in infants with PROBIOTICS.
Among the most frequent illnesses in children is, of course, diarrhea. It is due to the onset of infection and often heals ...

Celiac: decisive intestinal bacteria.
A Canadian study shows that the intestinal flora is the balance of power for the development and severity of celiac disease. Probiotics can help us again?

The treatment of gingivitis and periodontitis passes for PROBIOTICS.
A meta-analysis of the University of Berlin highlights the benefits gained through integration with probiotic strains for the treatment of gingivitis and periodontitis. For iI title of bacteria "handyman", probiotics now have smoothed the way.

Probiotics are microorganisms with beneficial effects that are soventemente used in the treatment or reduction of symptoms of diarrhea.

PROBIOTICS: Clostridium difficile colitis: eosinophils and IL-25 protects from infection and its consequences or death
Infections with Clostridium difficile continue to make victims even in our hospitals; fragile patients and antibiotic therapy are the usual victims and mortality, at least in the US, is a patient in seven affected. An American study published in Cell Reports reveal the protective role played by eosinophils and IL-25 and opens the way for an unprecedented preventive therapy, based on probiotic 'designed' on purpose to favor the protective action of eosinophils

Elderly: what are the benefits of PROBIOTICS for them?
They help prevent some typical Elder gastrointestinal disorders and may counteract constipation, constipation and diarrhea associated with counseling or health treatments.

PROBIOTICS, here are the good bacteria allies of women's intimate spa.
We live with billions of bacteria, many of which are "good" and able to maintain our health: the case of lactobacilli in the vagina, which are fundamental for the balance of the mucous membranes and the feminine intimate spa. Alteration of populations and species of bacteria can cause infections or diseases: the case of vaginal dryness after menopause, according to a study published in the journal Menopause caused by changes in the mix of vaginal bacteria and can be alleviated by special probiotics.

The use of PROBIOTICS in cancer patients
It is the new frontier in the field of oncology, especially in an era where many patients, thanks to new therapies, become chronic.

"The gut needs PROBIOTICS and prebiotics", true or false?
We asked Dr. Jonathan Fiorino, gastroenterologist of the Centre for Research and Treatment of Inflammatory Bowel Diseases Hospital Humanitas.

Health Children: PROBIOTICS for the prevention of allergies
Probiotic 1 0. Preventing allergies ...

The intestinal microbiota promotes or prevents diabetes and cardiovascular disease.
Bacterial intestinal flora influence metabolic parameters, cholesterol and blood sugar, and blood pressure.

The intestinal flora fights weight gain and aging. Not only it acts on mood. So we will soon have probiotics antidepressants
Reason with the belly.

Osteoporosis: the PROBIOTICS help combat it
The hormonal changes associated with menopause result in a loss of bone density that can make it easier fractures. A new study has shown that in mice to which had been removed the ovaries, to simulate those same hormonal changes, administration of probiotic bacteria has had a protective effect against osteoporosis.

The right PROBIOTICS to combat intestinal gas


Discovered a PROBIOTIC useful for the treatment of psoriasis
A new study shows that a probiotic commercially available in the United States to strengthen the digestive system, is useful for the treatment of psoriasis and chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS).

Helped to lose weight with PROBIOTICS
The consumption of probiotics - bacteria of the same type as those that normally live in our intestines and that form the natural flora "good" gut - it seems to be able to help obese women lose weight, and especially not to resume it at a later date .

Use of PROBIOTICS in the case of reactions to yeast
Probiotics promote inflammation control ...

Diabetes: PROBIOTICS to increase the insulin.
Probiotics help cure diabetes ...

Can you treat diseases of the nervous system with diet and PROBIOTICS?
The next goal is the cure of various diseases supplementation with probiotics ...

A rule against diarrhea: strengthen intestinal microflora
Diarrhea can be prevented with the intake of probiotics ...

PROBIOTICS: when they are useful for children and mothers.
He talks about it more often, but what exactly are they? Where to find them? And what can they do well? It 'true that help to prevent allergies?

PROBIOTICS: the cure for constipation
The lactic strengthen and enrich our "good bacteria" ...

PROBIOTICS: friendly bacteria of children!
Strengthen the immune system for the baby's health ...

Fight Candida with PROBIOTICS
Lactobacilli restore the proper balance of the vaginal microflora and reduce the risk of recurrence.

By PROBIOTICS help for depression: reducing obsessive thoughts
Strengthen the friendly bacteria in our intestines taking certain probiotics might help also our mind.

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